Top 10 Symbolic Soccer Medals To Strike Your Attention

Soccer, among the popular sports, has garnered a huge following and has evolved significantly over the years, fueling passion and zeal among the players and fans alike. It propels people, creating a spectacle in stadiums across the US. It has spawned merchandise and accolades with sculpted symbolic patterns and textures. Among these accolades are trophies and medals, with medals being known to make rare appearances. At the same time, medals are equally valued, like milestones and the embodiment of players enthusiasm. Let’s explore some noteworthy sosoccer’sedals reflecting the game and its players.

Glory To Shining Through The Engraving: Top 10 Enthralling Soccer Medals Encapsulating Feats

Like every other sport, soccer provides an adrenaline rush for players and fans. It showcases players’ fortitude and resilience while captivating fans and driving merchandise sales. While trophies are the notable rewards, many are unaware that players also earn medals, which are fashioned into merchandise, imprinting the game’s spirit and immortalizing memories. We’ve selected the top 10 fascinating soccer medals, symbolizing triumphs and endeavors.

Olympic Gold Medals

Among the most prestigious medals, the Olympic Gold Medal is also renowned for being awarded to soccer players. A notable team includes the United States Women’s Soccer team, which has claimed Olympic accolades, forging a history of victories: 4 gold medals, one silver medal, and two bronze medals since 1995. This team is revered as the only one to have achieved Olympic custom soccer medals in history. The gold medal signifies more than grandeur; it embodies the culmination of years on the center stage, marked by unwavering dedication and resilience. Particularly, the women’s Olympic accolade epitomizes equality and represents sacrifice and glory, adorned with intriguing details.

2. Copa Libertadores

The Copa Libertadores, renowned for its trophies, has gained a significant fan following for its custom soccer medals. These medals symbolize triumph, dedication, and the enduring legacy of South American players. As a milestone for South American players, the Copa Libertadores provides a pathway to recognition and future participation in prestigious tournaments. Fan-made medals of this tournament capture the essence of the game; notable examples include the medal crafted for Fluminense FC, featuring an engraving of the trophy and adorned with gold edges inscribed with ‘CONMEBOL Libertadores.’ This medal holds a special place in the hearts of the Latin American and Portuguese communities.

3. Copa America

Like the Copa Libertadores and other CONMEBOL games, Copa America is an international tournament steeped in history. Originating in Argentina in 1916, it serves as a stepping stone to FIFA for Latin American and Portuguese players. Alongside trophies, Copa America is renowned for rewarding its signature medals, including MVP, Top Scorer, and Best Goalkeeper awards. The fan-made medals, adorned with motifs paying homage to indigenous cultures, have become highly sought-after treasures.

4. Medals of Honor Awards

This category is typically associated with awards given to those serving in the military, but it has also found its place within the National Soccer Hall of Fame. Here, “Medals of Honor” are bestowed upon veteran soccer players as a tribute to their outstanding sports contributions.

 These medals recognize the players’ skill and dedication on the field and their enduring impact on the soccer community. The texture of these sports medals beams more than just shimmer; the circular medallion, symbolizing completeness courtesy of sterling silver, indicates permanence, with ribbons of blue, white, and red representing the colors of the US flag. This is a highly prestigious award and discreet plaques; hence, it is illegal and frowned upon to be fan-made and sold online.

5. National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) Championship Medals:

Established in 2012, the National Women’s Soccer League Championship is a highly anticipated event. Notable accolades include Portland Thorns FC, North Carolina Courage, and Seattle Reign. While the league rewards its champions with trophies, fans have also created bespoke medals embodying the players essence and the league itself. These fan-made medals serve as cherished mementos, celebrating the talents and dedication of women’s soccer.

6. CONCACAF Nations League medals

CONCACAF, short for the Confederation of North, Central America, and Caribbean Association Football, introduced its international tournament in 2019, encompassing teams from South America and the Caribbean region. This initiative aimed to empower nations by developing football and discovering young talents, paving the way for them to participate in other international matches. Known for awarding trophies like MVP and Top Scorer, CONCACAF reflects the diversity and cultural heritage of South America and the Caribbean through its trophies. Additionally, bespoke fan-made medals capture the essence of the region’s rich soccer heritage. Crafted with intricate details and vibrant colors, these custom medals serve as cherished mementos for players and fans alike, symbolizing the passion and pride that define soccer in North and Central America and the Caribbean. Reflecting diverse landscapes and cultures, these fan-made medals showcase CONCACAF’s vibrant spirit, from inscriptions of slogans to the silhouettes of players.

7. MLS league medals

   MLS, short for Major League Soccer, is among the top professional soccer leagues, founded in 1993. It features 28 teams, with 25 in the US and three in Canada. One of the all-time greatest teams with the most wins has been LA Galaxy. While the MLS League is traditionally known for awarding trophies like MLS Cups and Supporters’ Shields, the fandom didn’t leave out on this; they too have come up with medals, featuring designs and portraits that embody the essence of renowned teams, including LA Galaxy and Seattle Sounders FC.


Soccer, a globally followed sport, brings excitement to millions of fans and players worldwide. It transcends boundaries, showcasing talent from every corner of the globe. In addition to trophies and awards, fan-made medals pay tribute to players’ achievements. Many of these are custom medals and can be purchased online, with “buy soccer medals” being a common search query. However, Medals of Honor stand out for their prestige and cannot be sold online.


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